The Mumbles and Gower have some particularly amazing camping spots!

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The unique accommodation overlooks Swansea Bay and on-site activities include horse riding, indoor climbing, archery and Challenge Valley - the muddiest assault course in the world.
Located on Mumbles Road in Blackpill, The Woodman overlooks lovely Swansea Bay, surrounded by the spectacular Clyne Gardens.
Enjoy the thrill of riding your very first waves under the expert tuition of Simon at GSD. If you've always fancied giving surfing a go, the safe, gentle waves at Caswell are the perfect place to learn the basics.
Taking in 4 of the Gower's Bays, this journey starts at Bracelet Bay and takes you right around to Langland Bay.
Average Travel Time:
45 minutes
Pobbles Bay in the foreground with Three Cliffs beyond
John Jenkins |
Blue Flag Beach
This striking bay takes its name from the three peaks off the headland, which provide a naturally beautiful and unique view. A river path curves through the sand during high tide, adding to the idyllic scene.
Rhossili Bay was a favourite haunt of smugglers
John Jenkins |
Blue Flag Beach
Hailed by The Independent as the 'British supermodel of beaches', and listed in The Sunday Times 25 best beaches in the world. Alongside Llangennith, Rhossili boasts some of the most consistent beach break on Gower, so is great for surf.
Blue Flag Beach
Positioned on the eastern side of Tutt Hill and with great views towards the Mumbles Lighthouse, Bracelet Bay is a charming stretch of sand and pebble that is almost always quieter than nearby Langland or Caswell.
Follow the cliff path to the east from Worms Head and enjoy the views
John Jenkins |
Blue Flag Beach
Fall Bay is a tough 30 minute walk away from Rhossili Bay and The Wormshead Hotel.